Liquid Nutrition (Ensure/Boost/Slim-fast/etc...): Powder Alternatives?

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Liquid Nutrition (Ensure/Boost/Slim-fast/etc...): Powder Alternatives?

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Years ago, I was diagnosed with several digestive problems that keep me from getting all the nutrients from the food I eat.The solution to this was simple: drink Boost/Ensure. Since the nutrients in liquids are absorbed easier.I've since stopped doing this several years ago because... well, it's freaking expensive. Even the generic stuff is $6-7. Drinking two a day (2-3 recommended by a gastroenterologist and nutritionist), equals about $17 a week, which equals $68/month... more than my electric and phone bill combined.So, I've decided to start this again, but I am wondering if there are alternative powders I can mix into milk, or a shake, or something that will give me the same nutrients, but for way less a price. The only thing I can think of is Carnation Instant Breakfast stuff, but I don't know if that'd be the same nutrientsAnyone have any suggestions?

Please help.

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