Wildwood Tarot issues...

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Wildwood Tarot issues...

Post autor: Stewart » pt maja 25, 2018 5:04 pm


So I absolutely love the artwork on my Wildwood Tarot deck. Yet when I try to read with it for me or others, I get absolutely nothing from the cards. No intuition kicks in, no immediate thoughts on card meanings like I get from my other two, the readings (even though I know card meanings from the book and elsewhere) make NO sense, and if it does read for me I have asked my pendulum if it is correct and it says no that it is lying on purpose... My other two decks are not like this, does anyone know what is going on with it??
It's strength is The Lovers (one of my birth cards) so I thought we'd get along but it hasn't happened and I have owned it a month, treated it well, don't constantly ask for readings with it, etc. Now it has helped me make some awesome card spreads but it won't honestly answer anything larger than a 1 to 3 card spread (based on my pendulum's answers with a divination chart). Lately it has been giving readings that make no sense even at the 3 card level. I want to know of any "fixes" before trading it or something.

Any help will be apprecited.

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