Problems with herbal remedies.

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Problems with herbal remedies.

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It has been found that 20% of all drug induced liver damage is caused by herbal remedies. To make things worse, because herbal remedies are not covered by strong regulations (like pharmaceutical drugs), they are often adulterated with real drugs without anyone knowing. They have been found with antibiotics, antihistamines, and steroids. The herbal remedy maker has an obvious reason for doing this, since the herb is probably not very effective, and those additives make it much more effective. But the problem is that the additives, being unannounced, may cause unexpected problems. There are even male problem herbal remedies with viagra added, which is seriously dishonest. Other herbal remedies have been found with toxins added, such as heavy metals, and even toad venom. Since doctors frequently have no idea what herbal remedies their patients are taking, they cannot give good advice, and may prescribe incompatible pharmaceutical remedies.Is it not time for more rigorous regulations governing non pharmaceutical approaches to health?

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